warehouse on lease

Warehouse on Lease at all prime location at best in industry prices

Boxngo is engaged in ‘warehousing’. It begins from the planning stage, which includes selection of strategic locations for your warehouses. Our company further work with our clients closely to design their rack layout, including the optimal stocking levels.

dedicated warehousing

With a dedicated warehouse, all the costs are fixed month to month regardless of the volume of orders and product moving through the facility. The rent stays the same, as do much of the labour costs and other expenses of running a facility. The burden of all these costs falls on your company.

Why dedicated warehousing?

  • Single Client Focus
  • Single Client Stewardship
  • Stable Monthly Billing
  • Dedicated Security
shared warehousing

With a shared warehouse the costs are spread more equally across the companies using the facility. Most importantly many of the costs become variable and move with the volume and activity levels of your business at a given time.

Why shared warehousing?

  • Cost Sharing
  • Resource Sharing
  • Quality
  • Expertise

Boxngo can help you expertly manage your warehouse. With extensive experience, our warehouse managers and personnel help you to manage a warehouse with high efficiency and greater quality of work.

Why on-site warehousing?

  • High Degree of Control
  • Intangible benefits
  • Quality
  • Expertise